Emma CLI

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A terminal assistant which helps you search and install node packages.


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Emma CLI is all of us

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Everyone who has supported Emma CLI. Individuals and organizations that believe in –and take ownership of– our purpose.


Emma CLI

Emma is a command line assistant which helps you search and install packages more efficiently.

Why should you care?

We believe that we spend far too much time writing boilerplate and searching for the right libraries to use when creating new projects. We want to eliminate that time by introducing a command line assistant which allows you to search packages, suggests the ones we think would be the most beneficial to your project, and provide a way to install and manipulate boilerplates in a natural way.

Passion towards perfection defines Emma CLI ❤️

In the heart of our project is the experience of our users. We base every step we take on wishes from our community and personal experience from our everyday lives. We are continually challenging ourselves how we can reduce the time spent initializing the project and rethinking the ways we can make programming feel even more natural.

Stairway to heaven 🗽

Emma CLI is currently at its first stage of development. We allow developers to search and install packages from their command line in a straightforward manner. A searching tool was never our final goal. We now want to extend our functionality by introducing suggestions and a general language which would unite boilerplates across all frameworks.

The current stage relies thoroughly upon the power of 3rd party applications. In the next steps, the need for computing power will emerge. Consequently, we are in huge demand for funding to keep Emma free and completely open source as we wanted to from the very beginning.