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Rainbow (discontinued) is transitioning to a new Fiscal Host

Rainbow (discontinued) cannot receive contributions at the moment. This page will be updated with more information once the collective transitions to a new Fiscal Host.

Rainbow (discontinued)


Rainbow is a decentralized non-profit Web3 social network.


#rainbow is the first non-profit social media network run by women & queer people.

Our mission is to create a non-profit, independent, manipulation-free, ethical Web3 social media platform. Social media has such potential to bring people together, but unfortunately, for-profit companies are more interested in manipulating users, and selling products & data. Algorithms are being used to promote content that sparks outrage, divides society, and keeps users scrolling. Social media platforms have continuously implemented new content filters until shadow banning and #biasedbanning practices became the norm. These practices ultimately block and silence minorities and LGBTQIA2+ communities.

#rainbow is changing it up with open source software, decentralized networking, and the first non-profit company structure on social media. We are implementing ethical income models such as an independent small-business-friendly ad network, sponsorships, a donation supported community, and other unique B2B services. The #rainbow project is also planning to go fully open source and run on the decentralized network by 2023.

Our team

Mandee Logsdon

Core Contributor

Joey Chakraborty

Core Contributor

Lisa Moretti

Core Contributor
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