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#EndEcocideBelgium is a movement bringing together citizens, parents, NGOs, associative movements, and civil society around the recognition of the rights of nature and the crime of ecocide as an effective way to put an end to the annihilation.


#EndEcocideBelgium is a movement that aims to include #ecocide (the massive destruction of ecosystems that is severe or systematic) in the Belgian criminal code and to support the work at international level to have ecocide recognized as a 5th crime against peace, alongside genocide. 
Until now, the law and courts only sanction the civil liability of those who are recognized as having caused serious damage to the environment, as was the case recently in the Netherlands in the ruling against Shell, and in France against Total. However, these large multinationals know that those fines are not proportional to the damage caused, and often include these fines in their expenditure budget.
We are lobbying political decision-makers to ensure that Belgium is the forerunner in Europe in terms of the ecocide law, by including it in its criminal law and bringing the case to the International Criminal Court.
We also raise awareness so that the concept of ecocide and the need to implement the law are understood by society at large.

Contributions and Expenses
End Ecocide Belgium has partnered with Open Collective and the fiscal host All for Climate. Via their platform we can now easily accept contributions and reimburse expenses.

How can you contribute to End Ecocide Belgium?
If you want to support End Ecocide Belgium but are not in a position to offer your time or  expertise, you may want to consider a financial contribution
You can become a backer, sponsor, or make a single donation. Open Collective accepts credit card, bank transfer and Paypal.
Note that there is a “tips from contributors” amount automatically added to your donation, however this is completely up to you and you can change the amount you would like to tip. 
Should you have any questions about supporting us, please contact the finance team.

What expenses are eligible?
Funds will be used primarily to cover expenses of End Ecocide Belgium's volunteers campaigning for ecocide law, such as:
  • banners, materials for events like demonstrations
  • printed materials like flyers, posters, stickers
  • food and drinks for volunteers during events
  • public transport like train, bus, tram to events and meetings
  • registration fees for events or trainings
  • subscriptions like web hosting and other IT related expenses
These are just examples: when in doubt, ask the finance team.

Eligible expenses up to €25 are eligible for reimbursement without prior approval.
Eligible expenses above €25 require prior approval by the finance team.
In order to have costs reimbursed, you need some kind of proof like a receipt, bill, or invoice. Submitting an expense is pretty easy, just follow these steps.

The finance team will check and approve or reject reimbursement requests, considering the account balance and the nature of the expense. We can’t guarantee that EEB will be able to reimburse your expense, unless you check with the finance team first. 

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