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Open Collective
OCF Shutting Down + Future of TES
Published on March 4, 2024 by Sierra Jackson

Last week our fiscal host Open Collective Foundation made the announcement that they will be shutting down their operations by December of this year. Fortunately, we had already been on our way towards establishing The Endurance Scholarship as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are incorporated in IL and will be filing for our tax-exempt status this week.

Donations + Account Funds
Donations via our current Open Collective profile will continue to be accepted until March 15. OCF has a strict deadline for collectives receiving donations and we must abide by it. Current funds in our account will be transferred to our new organizational bank account, but OCF first requires an IRS determination letter + W9 in order to process the transfer. Once we receive our IRS determination letter, we will be able to transfer our remaining funds. OCF's shut down does not change any of The Endurance Scholarship's 2024 fundraising and project goals -- once all of our paperwork is in order, we will follow up here on how to continue donating to The Endurance Scholarship.

The Endurance Scholarship and Community Development Fund EIN:

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