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Open Collective
reflections + refractions 002: an overview of our year
Published on October 17, 2023 by Sierra Jackson

Moving through this year, we recalled the seed planted at the start of The Endurance Scholarship. Then, the goal was to support 2 Chicagoland students of color with $500 awards each. Birthed from the understanding that “every bit helps,” we were reminded to consider a “high impact; low lift” approach to awards this fiscal year. With that, TES has expanded and launched our Passport Project! This year, we awarded 7 Chicagoland students of color $190 each to cover the cost of applying for and obtaining their passports

Our growth areas and desires from last year still remain: increased outreach + marketing and beginning merch production. However, our main challenge is establishing a sustained donorship.

Our fundraising goal for FY23-24 is $24K
$20K (general awards)
  • $1,330 (passport project awards)
  • $1,400 (marketing + materials)
  • $400 (operational)
  • $500 (emergency fund)
  • $370 (miscellaneous) 

Capacity is limited. This fundraising goal is ideal, if in the new fiscal year TES can only support 7 students in another cycle of the Passport Project then we will move forward whilst increasing our donorship. 

message from our founder

travel is necessary. 
education should be accessible.


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