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Scholarships Are Out!
Published on January 20, 2021 by Jennifer Ortega

Last week, we awarded four students $500 scholarships. We are currently accepting donations for our next cycle, which will open to applicants in the Spring. We are raising funds for four $1,000 higher educational or vocational scholarships and two $500 private elementary school scholarships. As you can see in our budget, we still have funds from Cycle 1 that will be used for this second cycle. Our $5,500 goal includes 10% for operational expenses (community education + promotional and archival video material). All funds in excess of our $5,500 goals will be used to expand the scholarship into a third cycle.

- Sierra + Jennifer

Cycle 1 Recipients:

Safiyat Aminu, Cornell College

Jonathan Nhan, Denison University

Onyx Montes, University of Illinois at Chicago

Kyra Washington, Bradley University