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2022-06: This Month In Eternaltwin #9
Published on July 6, 2022 by Demurgos

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Eternaltwin is a project with the goal to preserve Motion Twin's games and player communities.


We are still working on letting project lead to send updates by themselves.


Dear Dinoz masters! A sweet Neoparc update is now live!

It adds the Magic Cauldron to the Mayinca ruins, so your Dinoz can get to cook! New items are available through the cauldron recipes!

Besides, we fixed many bugs. The skill "Run" no longer breaks movement. We also fixed the feature to download your messages. You can now click on user profiles from the a clan page. There's now a confirmation dialogue to level-up. Finally, the Pruniac is no longer a fusion reward, it was added to the bazar as any new object!

Thank you and see you soon in Dinoland.


Play to MyHordes.
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Bonjour, Hello, Guten Tag and Buenos Días to all of you!
Don't you hate to see bits and pieces of text in a foreign language everywhere? I certainly do, which is why I've not been on vacation for years! Well, there's also this whole zombie apocalypse thing... radio crackle By leveraging the power of Crowdin, all you lovely people can now help eliminating weird foreign radio crackle right from MyHordes using our new, high tech In-Context Translation feature!

But that's not all the good news I have to share! We made some more technical upgr grrrrz to our radio crackle so everything is now bett beeeeeeepradio crackle stable and fast! Minutes of nothing but radio crackle and if you add just a little bit of battery acid, you now have a 100% percent effective and safe-to-use homemade ghoul serum.
Speaking of effective communication, we have improved our radio antennas and reallocated additional wavelengths to upgrade the world forums! Each language now has distinct forums to discuss aspects of the game, ask for help or just hang out have fun with other MyHordes players.

Eternal DinoRPG

Dear DinoRPG masters.

We just released the version 0.3.0! It adds a core game mechanic: leveling!
It is now possible to move your dinoz so it gets experience to gain levels and learn new skills.
With this update, the shop is now available in all of Dinoland. There's also a homepage with news! We also added smaller updates such as a materials page, a new page footer and a feature to sort skills.

Quelques petites nouveautés annexes sont également disponible telles que la page des ingrédients, un nouveau bandeau de bas de page ou un mécanisme pour trier les compétences.
Just like MyHordes, we've set-up a Crowdin project to let everyone help with translations. Please check it out and help if you can!

Eternal Kingdom

Hello lords of Kingdom!
This month, a new member joined the development team: Benevolens. We welcome him warmly.
The development of the Alpha 4 reaches its end and will soon be available.

We'll deploy this version in July. You'll be able to join the different worlds and explore their maps to find out what's in there. Please check-out the Eternaltwin Discord to be notified when it's released. This will let you try it out and signal any issue you may find.
Work on the Alpha 5 has started. It will allow using the generals: transfer unit, move on the map, claim empty areas, ...
Find more information here:

Thank you for your attention and see you soon.

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Sébastien Desbordes

Posted on July 7, 2022

As always : Thanks you.

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