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Open Collective
Goal reached and new server
Published on December 29, 2020 by Demurgos

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for your donations: we reached our yearly goal! This should ensure that Eternal-Twin will be sustainable for a long time.

Because of your help, we were able to move to a new server last month. This server should be able to host our next games: it is currently hosting Eternal-Twin, Eternalfest and Mush; with more games to come soon enough - such as Dinoparc.

We have also renewed the domain name for Eternalfest (it expired on Christmas eve),

As always, our bills are public.

If you're interested in the technical side, our new server has the following spec:

  • Storage: 160GiB
  • RAM: 8GiB
  • Cores: 4 OVH vCores
  • Operating System: Arch Linux