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Open Collective
Moving to Open Collective
Published on November 2, 2020 by Demurgos

Eternal-Twin is a project to archive Motion-Twin's games and the player communities around them beyond the end of Flash and Twinoid! This project is approved by Motion-Twin. Learn more on our website

Hello everyone and thank you for all your support during the last months! We are happy with the interest with have garnered: our Discord server and our website have thousands of members. Our Gitlab organization, has dozens of active members helping to build our games and we are already counting thousands of commits: code changes, translations, art assets, documentation, and much more. Our main repository even passed the hundreds of stars recently. Thank you to everyone involved.

Today we are taking the next step to ensure the sustainability of the project: we are moving to Open Collective in order to collect donations and cover our expenses. Open Collective is a reliable platform putting focus on transparency. We do not want to generate profits, only to cover our costs: with Open Collective you will be able to see exactly where your money is going.

When Eternalfest started, the precursor of Eternal-Twin, we where only a handful of players and were able to cover the server costs ourselves. When we left our beta period in December 2018, we upgraded our servers but were still able to handle it with our own money. When we transitioned to Eternal-Twin early in 2020, we experienced a massive increase in users and contributors and finally reached a point where the costs of running our websites properly start to be to hard to bear.

What are the expected expenses?

We will provide a more detailed break-down in a future post but we expect that 50 € per month should be enough to provide us with all we need: 20 € for servers, 15 € for our email service, 10 € for our backup service and 5-10 € for our domain names. Any extra funds would go to better servers or saved for the future.

Will Eternal-Twin remain free?

All our games are free and will remain free. We do not aim to generate any profits. All donations are voluntary and will not provide any in-game benefits.

How can I donate?

Before we can accept donations, we must be approved by Open Collective. This validation process is currently pending and we expect it to be complete soon enough. Once we are verified, you will be able to donate using the Open Collective platform.

Is there anything else?

Because building trust is important to us, we want maximum transparency: we are also releasing all our past bills, since 2013. These are all already payed for. All our future bills will also be published.

Thank you very much for your support, we hope the project will remain alive for a long time!

~ Demurgos