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03.03.20: Kick-Off Call EU Rebellion Finance Team


Posted on March 4, 2020

03.03.2020: First European Finance / Fundraising team call
Attendees: @stella.indira (Austria, Finance) @angelika (Germany, Fundraising), @citizenspring (Belgium, Finance), @flozelle (IST Events and Gathering)
Report: @monni
Moderation: @monni

1) Discuss the future of this working group, how to be involved with other national working groups, function of this working group?
- Funding for the June rebellion
- Organising in a decentralized way
- Supporting other working groups to have their budgets
- Supporting working group with fundraising (as a back-up)
- place where all ends come together, overview over the working groups,
- Exchange between all chapters finance and fundraising people to discuss all questions which might arise
- Open Call for all groups
- There is already a OpenCollective group set up by @michaelt and managed by @stella.indira (

2) How to get all groups involved?
- Looking beyond nation states - working groups
- Moving beyond Mattermost
- Is there already a communication working group for the Brussels rebellion? (Xavier is finding out about the existence of such a working group)
- Using the contacts of the weekend to get in touch with their countries / groups who would like to get involved (@angelika is taking care of it)

3) Transparency
- being transparent by default
- Having an own OpenCollective and posting the notes there
- Being transparent about what to expect of us, how you could join?

4) Capacities / Skills
@monni: ~ 2 hours / week, experiences with budgeting processes (collaborative decision making on budgets), experiences with setting up systems, network in the german finance system, communication
@angelika: ~2 h / week coordination, facilitation experiences,
@stella.indira, reduced capacities, SOS training background, hosting training calls on the tools
@citizenspring: ~2h / week link to brussels local team, link to OpenCollective, Support for OpenCollective, experiences and contact to IST finance people

5) Our group
Name: EU Rebellion - Finance Team

Responsibilities / Mandate of the Team
- Facilitating the funding for the June rebellion in a decentralized way
- Supporting XR groups with finance & fundraising work ahead of EU Brussels Rebellion
- Facilitating Exchange of groups finance & fundraising representatives - place where all ends come together and overview over the working groups status
- Exchange between all chapters finance and fundraising people to discuss all questions which might arise (e.g. Facilitate Open Call for all groups) 
- Facilitating the budgeting process in an inclusive and transparent way

- Meeting on Zoom every 2nd week for the beginning and more often as soon as the actions come closer 
- MM Channel only for instance communication, interesting questions on OpenCollective
- Reaching out to us on OpenCollective --> building a knowledgebase there 
- Ways to privately contact us through direct messages on OpenCollective 

Relation to the IST Finance team
- Contact group for IST Finance for all questions regarding Brussels wave finances
- Beeing in close contact with IST

Roles of the team
- Internal Coordination: @flozelle, @monni
- Link to IST / Budget holder: @stella.indira
- Training / OpenCollective Support: @citizenspring, @stella.indira
- Outreach / Onboarding: @angelika
- External Communication / Brussels Liaison: @citizenspring
- Fundraising: OPEN
- Administration support: OPEN
- Budgeting facilitator: OPEN, @monni (with some experiences)
- Liaison to the logistics team: OPEN 
- Documentation: @citizenspring

Values of how we want to work together:
- Transparency
- Assuming well-intention: "done better than perfect"
- being a save space
- Accountabilty
- We are not a bank!
- Needs-driven budgeting
- Document as much as possible
- will discuss this again based on a document provided by @citizenspring next call

Action points:
- Creating List of finance people of all countries involved in the Brussels Wave 
- Issuing a public statement of the existence of this working group (@monni / @flozelle) 
- Starting an OpenCollective in the country for the EU Rebellion (all) 
- Setting up a wiki (Xavier) 
- Involving all working groups and letting them know we need a finance responsible person of their group (@angelika) 

Xavier Damman

Posted on March 9, 2020

Here is a draft for our values and principles as a collective:

I see that the first action point doesn’t have an owner. Who is taking care of that?


Posted on March 20, 2020

I don't know who wanted to take care of the list. Lets put this on the agenda of our next call. 

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