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03.04. 3rd EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising Exchange


Posted on April 3, 2020

03.04. -  #3 EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising team call 
Attendees: @moritz, @monni, @flozelle, @citizenspring, @stella.indira (at the end) 
Moderation: @flozelle
Report: @monni


Review of last week's AP :
  • Issuing a public statement of the existence of this working group (@monni / @flozelle)
    • is fine for now as group is transparent to the EU Rebellion team
  • Involving all working groups and letting them know we need a finance responsible person of their group (@angelika) 
    • @angelika started to do this. 
  • @flozelle will continue this 

Agenda Points :
Updates of the local groups / finance & fundraising
Global Support
  • COP1 - Conference of the People project in Global Support 
  • Digital Rebellion preparations 
  • A little bit desorientation in the branches
  • Idea of making the EU Rebellion Teams continous teams on the European level
  • Community Support (not necessarily XR branded) 
  • meals of gratitude project 
  • Mutual Aid groups in UK growing very fast 
  • feels like there bottom up initiatives grow much faster then 
  • Hiring a fundraiser in XR Belgium
  • Continuing to set up local infrastructure 
  • getting a fiscal host for OC
  • building up a fundraising team 
  • starting building up mutual support systems 
  • had a finance meeting
  • starting an OC 
  • trying to set up the finance infrastructure 
  • In Netherlands: so far very centralized finance system 
  • It's very intrresting for him how to build up local groups / decentralising finance & fundraising infrastructure 
  • Economic recession: challenge to raise funds --> good to coordinate and to exchange 
  • curious to see what is going on 
Building up this group - Status of involving all european chapters here and how to get more involved / Purpose of this group! (@monni)
  • idea to make this group more permanent fits perfectly with the strategy for the general EU Rebellion team 
  • where there ideas alreay how to reach out to other groups
  • idea was not to be a central body but to help local groups / branches to develop their own capacities 
  • capacity building still very relevant even though the EU Rebellion in June 
  • Communication Channels? 
  • Either: Rebellion Wave #3 becoming "XR Europe" or moving to Global MM team
  • becoming less focused on national chapters but more international! 
  • Digital Rebelllion --> need for a finance team as well --> idea to make this group more focussed on DR now as this is the most important development right now in XR?  
  • @citizenspring: when it comes to finance: 
    • challenge: finance is tied to currency - so it is very much easier to have a Eurozone finance team 
    • other challenge: funding projects we are not knowing about 
  • @citizenspring: we should focus on matching / decentralisation rather than 
  • @monni: maybe to soon to focus on DR but to build up the EU finance team
  • @flozelle: suggestion: contacting the regional liaison people and adding them to this group
  • @citzienspring: important to be careful with messaging: not sending representatives but people who need support and want to exchange with us --> it's not an decision making body here 
  • @citizenspring: Would be interesting to have groups with different topics - skill change sessions! 
  • Belgian experience:
    • XR started on Belgium - finance & fundraising started in Brussels 
    • In the beginning it was easy as people knew each other 
    • Solve:
      • Bord of trustees:
      • Everyone tells someone you trust --> most trusted people approve expenses 
      • Enabling all local chapters to have their own OpenCollective, decentralised management of finances
      • Sharing legal entity does work with OC !
      • one working group that is taking care of it 
  • Having a wiki and filling it with content: 

Update on the set up of the COVID19 Mutual Aid group and invitation to join (@monni)
  • Mattermost channel for XR community:
  • @citizenspring: Disappointed so far by the (non)feedback in XR Belgium on setting up mutual funds 
  • Creating mutual support funds - rebuidling in a decentralised and transparent structure a new fabric of support in society 
  • idea: giving 1-5% of the income 
  • Idea: creating infrastructure which we can use in the  future 
(Connecting this group closer to Global Support Finance / Fundraising team? How? (@monni)) --> next meeting 

Action Points: 
  • @flozelle: contacting the regional liaison people and adding Finance / Fundraisnig people of all chapters to this group 
  • @all Adding questions / challenges of your brancges to the pad (at the top) so that  we can create sessions on specific 
  • @all: putting interesting materials in the wiki  
  • Editlink on github: 
  • @flozelle: organising the Next meeting in two weeks in this group (Whentomeet) and inviting the regional liaison coordinators to let their branches Finance groups know about it and join the meeting
  • @monni: making report transparent on OC page 


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