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17.04. - #4 EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising team call


Posted on April 24, 2020

17.04. - #4 EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising team call 

Attendees: @monni, @stella.indira, @citizenspring, @flozelle
Moderation @monni
Report @flozelle 

Check In 

Review of last week's AP 
@flozelle: contacting the regional liaison people and adding Finance / Fundraisnig people of all chapters to this group 
  • Sara contacted but taking a break, Michael didn't answer yet 
  • wasn't clear if EU / worldwide 
@all Adding questions / challenges of your branches to the pad (at the top) so that  we can create sessions on specific 
@all: putting interesting materials in the wiki  
@flozelle: organising the Next meeting in two weeks in this group (Whentomeet) and inviting the regional liaison coordinators to let their branches Finance groups know about it and join the meeting
  • @flozelle doesn't have a lot of time to be in the role of internal coordination 
@monni: making report transparent on OC page 
Older Calls
Creating List of finance people of all countries involved in the Brussels 


What's going on in the branches? 
  • Belgium
    • Topic of 5g highly dicussed - peoples assemblies on the topic 
    • low energy as now actions possible
  • Austria
    • some bigger groups stoped working 
    • others work but low energy 
  • Global Support
    • Challenge because everyone reconsidering plans etc.
    • a lot of groups restructured - demotivating effects and hard to keep everyone motivated 
    • regenerative culture wasn't a priority in the past and now it's a big question how we can live up to it 
    • Digital Rebellion Global Support group is starting to promote the Digital Rebellion which was 
  • Germany
What do you feel energic / energy for at the moment 
  • Flora: 
    • A lot of energy for Global Support Digital Rebellion Support team 
    • trying to get in touch with aliceh on fundraising - how is it affecting GS? 
    • COP1 (Conference of the people) --> requires funds --> how is the context shaping our funds? 
  • Jonas
    • Digital Rebellion
    • Finance / Fundraising infrastructure 
    • BA thesis 
  • Stella
    • Networking / Coalitionbuilding
    • Capacitybuilding in Austria
  • Xavier
  • Next meeting 
    • trying to invite more people of Finance / Fundraising from european chapters 
    • @flozelle will ask Regional liaison links 
  • @citizenspring: 
    • next time when we have experiences on things we did locally (e.g. XR thrives) 
    • right now there is a lack of projects
    • not maintaining the space for the sake of it 
  • @stella.indira: 
    • likes the idea of having a call on regular sessions 

  • Decision: next session on XR Thrives project organised by @monni in 3-4 weeks 

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