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20.03.20 2nd EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising Call


Posted on March 20, 2020

Attendees: @citizenspring (Belgium) , @monni (Germany), @pierre-marie (France), @liamstrad (Global Support), @angelika (Germany), @stella.indira (Austria), @aliceh (Global Support)
Moderation: @monni 
Report: @stella.indira

Updates of the Roles 
  • Internal Coordination: @flozelle, @monni
  • Link to IST / Budget holder: @stella.indira
  • Training / OpenCollective Support: @citizenspring, @stella.indira 
  • Outreach / Onboarding: @angelika 
  • External Communication / Brussels Liaison: @citizenspring
  • Fundraising: OPEN 
  • Administration support: OPEN
  • Budgeting facilitator: OPEN, @monni (with some experiences) 
  • Liaison to the logistics team 
  • Documentation: @citizenspring
  1. Check In
  2. Updates: 
  1. Update on COVID-19 situation and the plans of the branches / EU Rebellion + What does it mean for us?
    1. EU Rebellion 
    2. people are busy right now with cancelling their loval events, no news on Brussels plans yet, might be very likely that Brussels in person rebellion will not take place as planned. 
    3. But: Digital Rebellion planned globaly for June!
    4. Pause the system (XR affiliated group) - maybe niterested to get in touch? (@liamstrad) 
  2. What can we do in the meantime? 
    1. Mutual aid fund in Belgium 
    3. In Portland, Oregon:
    4. Universal Basic income channel in UK. --> possible project for this group? - discussion in mm channel
    5. we would need to do small scale tests (to test if it should be XR related or not etc.)
  3. Building up structures while the pressure from the rebellion wave is relieved. 
  4. Round of ideas on what to do in the meantime:
    1. Setting up and trying out different mutual aid / support funds ideas
    2. different pilots in different countries
    3. more international collaboration, building our international structures 
    4. nurturing connection 
    5. disruptive actions combined with mutual aid (debt strikes, rent strikes, ...) 
    6. digital strike. Paying rent instead of taxes. Disruptive economy. 
  5. Question: Scope of this group? Brussels only or European wide rebellion wave? (Liam - sorry if this has already been covered)
    1. Current feeling: As EU Rebellion is uncertain, this group feels more permanent. Digital Rebellion was also part of EU Rebellion? and is very much happening. 
    2. Initial idea: Facilitating funds raised for the Brussels rebellion 
    3. The purpose of helping national chapters raise funds of their own, is still valid if EU Rebellion is cancelled. 
  6. Global Support - decentralising fundraising. 
    1. looking at redistribution of funds across the movement (Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Germany) have signed up to that)
    2. fundraisers sharing best practices. 
    3. Launch on 1. April:  representatives from countries mentioned above. (2 roles full time for 3 months) national collaborative fundraising practices

Action points
  • New open Channel on Global MM --> Economic actions + mutual aid (@monni) 
  • Look at Xaviers document and send feedback on mm. (@all)
  • Planning call next week specifically focussing on Mutual aid / support structures and how we can set them up (@monni) 
  • Having a call in this team again in two weeks (first week of april) @flozelle / @monni inviting 
  • Getting more chapters onboard in this team (@all - reaching out to possible contacts) 

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