Open Collective
Open Collective
Switch to OpenCollective and a free pricing
Published on January 2, 2024 by alice

Welcome to our new OpenCollective page!
We will now start the process of migrating all existing subscriptions to this new format and fiscal host. Here's a short timeline of how things are expected to go from here:
  • in January 2024, all our paying members will be invited to switch their existing subscription to OpenCollective and direct their communities here for crowdfunding.
  • February will be a transient month where I (last admin) will still pay expenses from my personal account for one last month while the OC balance builds up, unless things go faster than expected.
  • In March 2024 and ongoing, all old subscriptions will be terminated and OpenCollective will be used to fund all expenses.

If everything goes as planned, in April 2024 FédiMon will finally be fully financially independent from its founding staff, and reach a new level of transparency.
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