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Screen the Sneak-Peek!

Organize a screening of the Fire & Flood "Sneak-Peek"

Thank you for your interest in organizing a sneak-peek screening for Fire and Flood: Queer Resilience in the era of Climate Change!

How does it work?
1. Please use this link to request a screening. Please give as much information as possible, and I will follow-up as soon as I can.
2. You can donate here in Open Collective by card or bank transfer, and it goes directly to our fiscal sponsor: Out for Sustainability. Please email [email protected] if your organization requires a W9 and an invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions
* What do you mean by a "sneak-peek"? *

This film is still in production. Please be aware that this sneak-peak release is a DRAFT of the in-progress film. Final editing, color correcting, and sound editing, are all still to come. This sneak-peek screening raises money for the continued production of this non-profit collaborative film project.
As director, I am committed to vulnerably sharing these draft cuts of the film. The situation that we are in is urgent: climate change is already upon us, not just an existential threat of the future. It is important to stimulate these discussions about vulnerability in the LGBTQ community and uplift solutions.

* What can I expect in the draft? *

You can expect a powerful and engaging 104 minute storyline full of brilliant, insightful interviews with over 20 queer and trans people recounting their stories of disaster and resilience. The film provides a powerful narrative and analysis that you can use to gather your community and launch some impactful conversations about disaster preparedness and climate justice in LGBTQ communities.

* Accessibility *

There are currently two caption options: there is an entirely English-captioned version for hearing-impaired English-speaking audiences (provided by the Scottish Queer International Film Festival), and there is a bilingual option with alternating English-Spanish captions, to make the film accessible to a bilingual audiences. In the future, we hope to create a version that is entirely captioned in Spanish for hearing-impaired Spanish-speaking audiences, but this is not currently available.

This draft film is not yet rated. It contains some complex themes, discussion of potentially triggering incidents, and infrequent mature language. It is recommended for adult audiences or for young adult audiences who have access to adult mentors for discussion and processing.

Director will provide an online link to a high-resolution online video. This video can be streamed online or can be downloaded through vimeo (note that download time can be substantial for this file size, depending on your internet speed). Hard copies of the film via DVD or flashdrive are not available.

* Suggested Donations for Screenings *

This is a grassroots film project, offered for screenings on a sliding-scale donation basis. Donations for screenings of this film support the filmmaker and production team (50%), and support mutual aid for Queer Resilience projects in Puerto Rico and CA (50%).

"Pass the Hat"
* If this film would help support your local organizing efforts or your classroom but funding is a barrier, please select "pass the hat".
* Also choose this level if you want to organize a neighborhood screening in your community or a class screening for your students, but cannot give an upfront donation.

$100 - Grassroots Community
* Suggested donation for:  low-budget grassroots organizations​, house screenings, tenured faculty

$200 - Somewhat-Funded Organizations
* Suggested donation for: community or campus LGBTQ centers, non-profits with 2 or fewer staff, groups with dedicated funding for community events

$500 - Well-Funded Organizations
* Suggested donation for: non-profits with more than 2 staff, academic departments at colleges and universities, groups with dedicated funding for film screenings

* Requests for Speakers *

If you are requesting a speaker for an event alongside the screening, please describe this in your request. Several of the collaborators featured in the film have made themselves available for speaking engagements. Suggested honorarium is $200 and will go directly to the speaker. Please put in your request no less than a month before your event to provide us time to coordinate.


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