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Back us up! Let's finish the DocuSeries and fund queer resilience! By becoming a sustainer, you help us budget for ongoing monthly expenses, such as contracts for organizers and production team.

How do your donations help?

As a sustainer, your monthly donation backs us up in a big way to FINISH this documentary project and continue our commitment to queer resilience mutual aid. Since the very beginning, my commitment has been to share 50% of the funds raised towards the collaborators in the Fire & Flood film and projects that they recommend.

The other 50% goes towards completing production. To finish the DocuSeries with integrity, Vanessa is developing deeper collaborations with queer media makers in Puerto Rico and most of this new funding is heading directly to these collaborators. After that, there are many small costs that add up quickly, including captioning, color correction, and new animations!

Gifts of gratitude

By becoming a sustainer, you'll receive access to QEP's "Member's Site" with links to the Fire & Flood sneak-peek, and printable files of the Queer Ancestral Futures zine and all of the art rewards shared during the GoFundMe!

PLUS - between now and the end of October, all donors to the project (whether sustainers or one-time donations) will receive a gift of milkweed seeds in a custom art pack! Milkweed is a fabulous queer relative, with its pollen-receiving and pollen-producing parts fused together in the showy flowers. Asclepias syriaca has formed a long-term relationship with the Monarch butterfly, supporting this transformational pollinator make its long migration across the Americas. As you plant them in the soil, may it symbolize the propagation of the queer ecological future we are imagining and transforming towards together. 


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