Fall 2020 Sneak-Peek Screenings has been archived.

Fall 2020 Sneak-Peek Screenings has been archived and is no longer active.

Fall 2020 Sneak-Peek Screenings

Commemorate LGBTQ+ History Month and the 3-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria and the Tubbs Fire

Thursday, October 1, 2020, 1:00 AM - Thursday, December 31, 2020, 9:00 PM (UTC-04:00)


To book a Fall 2020 Screening: http://bit.ly/FireFloodScreenings

This October, Queer Ecojustice Project and their fiscal sponsor Out for Sustainability will be releasing a new sneak-peek draft of “Fire and Flood: Queer Resilience in the Era of Climate Change” to commemorate LGBTQ+ History Month and the 3-year anniversary of the disasters portrayed in the film.

What to expect:
This film is still in production. Please be aware that this sneak-peak release is a draft of the in-progress film. Final editing, color correcting, and sound editing, are all still to come. This sneak-peek raises money for the continued production of this non-profit collaborative film project.

You can expect a powerful and engaging 2-hour storyline full of brilliant, insightful interviews with over 20 queer and trans people recounting their stories of disaster and resilience. The 2-hour film is also available as 5 episodes of 20-30 minutes that can be screened independently for classrooms.

Find out more: www.queerecoproject.org/firefloodfilm

To book a Fall 2020 Screening: http://bit.ly/FireFloodScreenings


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