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Non-linear progress: from Film to DocuSeries
Published on July 24, 2022 by Vanessa Raditz

Thank you to everyone who has helped sustain the success of this project over the past year as I have taken a slow and circuitous path towards the completion of this powerful educational documentary. 

This documentary is still in production, and is being reformatted from a feature-length film to an online DocuSeries! This decision was the result of iterative conversations with collaborators interviewed for the project and feedback from educators who have used Fire & Flood in their courses.

Just like the iterative production process, our fundraising goes through cycles, and  we need your support again to make it through this last cycle of production.

By donating, you have helped us get one step closer to the release of this educational documentary series- including new interviews, animations, artist collaborations, Spanish translation, and paid community organizers who support ongoing impact. As always, half of what we raise goes towards a mutual aid account that materially supports queer resilience.

How can I support?

Though we continue to fundraise,the work never stops. The sneak-peek released in Fall 2019 has now been screened at over 100 events, including more than 30 at Universities and libraries.

There is clear demand for this documentary. With your ongoing support, we can finally release this first-of- it's-kind documentary about the disaster experiencer of LGBTQ+ people and the grassroots approaches to resilience that we all urgently need. 

In community,

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