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Zcoin Development Update 29 June 2020
Published on July 1, 2020 by Michael "Muggles" Bernhardt

Deterministic masternodes and LLMQ has been released. Lelantus is approaching fully working status.This month will be cleaning up some remaining bugs in the Deterministic Masternodes, finishing up Lelantus for audit and cleaning up code in preparation for chainlocks and instant send.

Core Upgrade, Deterministic Masternodes and LLMQ

  • Core upgrade and deterministic masternodes was completed and deployed
  • Troubleshooting work on some evodb inconsistencies is being looked into
  • Legacy Znode and Zerocoin code being stripped for code clarity before work on Chainlocks and instant send begins


  • Transition code from Sigma to Lelantus complete
  • Batch verification for syncing complete (to be benchmarked)
  • Wallet GUI being worked on
  • Auto-mint logic being worked on
  • Trail of Bits audit for Lelantus library to commence in mid July

BIP47 Receiver Address Privacy

  • Major refactoring work being done to clean up BIP47
  • GUI for Electron Wallet for BIP47 underway

Mobile App with Sigma

  • Concluding one last round of review with Edge before release.

Electron Wallet GUI

  • Redesign of Receive screen and address book underway
  • Deterministic Znode support completed
  • Numerous bug fixes


  • Elysium tokenization layer to activate soon on 1st July.
  • Elysium explorer to be written for easy tracking of assets.