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Zcoin v14.0.3 and Zcoin Client 1.1.1 Release
Published on July 22, 2020 by Michael "Muggles" Bernhardt

Zcoin v14.0.3 is now released together with our Electron client update 1.1.1!

You can get it here.

This version is primarily a maintenance and bug fix release but is highly recommended especially for Znodes as there are times a low ‘maxconnections’ can result in PoSe bans. It also completely drops pre core-14 nodes off the network to reduce syncing delays.

Zcoin Core Changelog

  • Znodes maxconnections set to at least 125 to resolve some quorum forming delays #881
  • Znodeblsprivkey mandatory in Znodes now as transition is completed. #883
  • Added API functions for Sigma states for light wallet/mobile private transaction support #856
  • Added button in QT to reindex wallet and Sigma mints for easy support when Sigma mints are not shown correctly #882
  • HD code cleanup and modifications to multiple wallet architecture in core 14 #846
  • Ban nodes older than v.0.14 on network #879
  • Fix for rare crash when reindex is interrupted #875
  • Fix for several build issues #877 #880

Our alternate client built on Electron has gone through major code revamps for much better performance and stabilityy

Zcoin Electron Client Changelog

  • Upgrade to core 14.
  • Deterministic Znode support
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

With Zcoin successfully transitioning to Deterministic Znodes and LLMQs successfully forming, we will now be continuing to work on activating Chainlocks and Instantsend that will give Zcoin protection against 51% attacks and the ability to do instant private sends.

Lelantus work is well underway and Trail of Bits has concluded its security audit of our Lelantus cryptographic library with positive feedback. We are working on resolving their findings and will publish the report soon! Thanks once again for all the contributions!