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Popper is evolving into Floating UI!
Published on December 8, 2021 by Federico Zivolo

You may have noticed the repository and the Popper organization names changed.

@atomiks worked hard on a new version of Popper that is more focused on composability, cross-platform compatibility, bundle size, and a more modern API.

The changes were big enough to deserve a major release, but we also wanted to rebrand the project to something easier to recognize and more meaningful, so welcome Floating UI and say goodbye to Popper!

But wait, what'll happen to Popper (@popperjs/[email protected])? The library is going to be kept in low maintenance mode and a new library (@floating-ui/popper) will be developed in the near future to provide a backward compatibility layer between the old API and the new one.

In the upcoming days we'll update the website and move the projects all under this new monorepo.

For all the people who may be concerned about the future of our adorable mascotte, don't worry, the pop-corn guy will not go anywhere! 🍿

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