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Announcement: FLOWLab⁵ is starting a members-only Book Club! Join now!
Published on March 21, 2023 by Emily Weltman

FLOWLab⁵ is excited to announce the launch of The FTP* (F*ck the Patriarchy) Book Club .  The majority of FLOWLab⁵ identify as neurodivergent, so we’ve designed the Book Club to work  with our multifaceted, varied ways of processing information.

In service of creating an accessible space for neurodivergent people, we’re hosting a members-only book club, with synchronous and asynchronous conversations on a private Slack channel. Once a week, we’ll come together for an hour on Slack for a conversation in real time.  Your Book Club guide and fellow member Kara Smith will share a prompt to kick off our Slack chat and discuss the chapters we just read. In addition, we can interact as we read anytime throughout the week. (No spoilers though.) 

The first book we’ll be reading “I’m Tired of Racism - True Stories of Existing While Black” was written by fellow FL5 member Sharon Hurley Hall. 

Reading together starts on March 22nd, and prompts starts March 26th. You’ll want to sign up early, start reading, and taking notes. You can start engaging with fellow members and start your own thread on the FTP channel as soon as you join! We’ll be connecting via text on Slack (re: NO zoom!) for this book.

When we finish the book, our esteemed author, Sharon Hurley Hall, will join us for a live, 2-hour Slack AMA (Ask Me Anything) conversation. This will be your chance for Q&A without the pressure…all over text, no video needed! 
Our reading spans 6 weeks, dividing up the 33 chapters into manageable sections. They're short, quick, yet riveting and intense reads.

🔖 WEEKLY 1 hour Slack Book Chat
Wednesdays - Start Reading March 22nd, then connect on Slack asynchronously PLUS 1 week in real time.
10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT
1:00 pm  - 2:00 pm EDT 

👑 Book End 2 hour AMA on Slack with the Author
Wednesday May 3rd
10:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT
Live 2-hour AMA (ask me anything) on Slack with author Sharon Hurley Hall.

You can purchase the book in both hard or soft cover print or ebook. We recommend ordering the e-book version to ensure you have it in time to start reading.  

JOIN FLOWLab⁵ NOW!  Membership starts at $5/mo. to ensure anyone can join. 

If $5 is a barrier, please see our comp policy here. To celebrate this launch
we're also offering 20 special discounted GLOW level memberships. If you have more available to invest in your community please do. (And if you join, yes this is YOURS too!)