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March Update - Adding additional project support, reviewing previous analysis
Published on April 8, 2022 by Duane O'Brien

The bulk of our effort in March was spend finding someone to help us with some additional project management and analysis work. I'm pleased to report that we've engaged and onboarded an additional project manager. We've constrained this first engagement to a trial with a fixed set of outcomes:

  1. Assess the OSPO existing classification work, including reviewing other available data sources;
  2. Review the TODO Maturity Model and the TODO Landscape;
  3. Propose a new path forward with the OSPO Classification, which is likely to be one of three things: publish what we have and move on, re-run/refresh the classification, or pivot to a new approach; 
  4. Publish the methodology used to perform the OSPO Classification;
  5. Publish the OSPO Classisfication report;
To be clear, "publish" in these statements means to release into the public repository we created to contain project artifacts. We are currently in-progress on the both steps 1 and 2. I anticipate that by the end of April, we will have proposed a path forward, and what we decide there will inform what we do for steps 4 and 5. 

As we look past the classification work and out toward recruiting organizations to participate in the larger project, we're also re-thinking the originally proposed approach of Classification First, then Recruitment. Someone suggested we invert this approach - recruit organizations to participate, and look at the data through the lens of classification. This would enable us to start recruiting organizations right away and perform the OSPO Classification in parallel. We haven't yet made a decision, but we will commit one way or the other by the end of the month.

Either way, the next big piece of work will be to draft clear participation guidelines for organizations who want to participate and getting the guidelines out for review. If we get those written and published before May I'll be pleased, but mid-May is more likely to be accurate.