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Using photography as a tool in phototherapy, education and art within creative industry.


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Photography workshops are combination of learning and having fun. During the sessions we would use photography as a tool in art- therapy and as a form of minfulness. 
Sometimes it can be difficult to express feelings and use words to describe emotions. By using photographs we can open an conversation, allowing children to ’talk’ through the frames and compositions. The skills of seeing, perceiving objects, people, colors and aesthetics build the work. 
By acquiring these skills, children will be able to take a succesful photos, enjoy the process and understand basic rules of photography. Sessions will also develop participants’ creativity, focus on details, abstract thinking and color perception. 

The idea behind the classes is to practice mindfulness through photographic processes and awake creativity by looking again at their lives and the world around them. 
Mindful photography helps people to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, increase confidence and self-esteem, improve mental health, wellbeing and resilience as well as reduce loneliness and social isolation. It also helps people become more focused, motivated and creative 

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