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Money Conversations Recording & Solidarity School Follow-up
Published on October 27, 2022 by Mike Strode (OCF)

Thank you for joining us in our OCF workshop, Money Conversations, hosted by Lin Shi of Money Health Collective and OCF Program Manager, Mike Strode.

A recording of the workshop are available below, but it is no substitute for the participatory nature of this gathering. If you missed the live session, we highly recommend visiting the Money Health Collective website and registering for a future conversation.

Solidarity School Follow-up

Open Collective Foundation hosted this offering as part of our ongoing Solidarity School programming. Check out the Fall/Winter syllabus for future workshop offerings.

To remain in conversation with others who have attended this session or discuss other possibilities for Solidarity School, we invite you to join us on the Open Collective Slack in the ocf-solidarity-school-alumni channel.

Your workshop hosts would like to thank everyone for attending. 
Lin & Mike 
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