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2022 FFF US Network Update
Published on December 24, 2022 by Katharina

2022 has been a wild ride, and 2023 shows every sign of keeping up that momentum.

Because we are a decentralized, grassroots movement, our strength is in our local groups and on-the-ground organizers. One of our main activities is to encourage people to start local groups and to support those local group efforts by connecting them to each other and creating national resources they can all access - including this Open Collective so that money doesn't have to be a blocker to any local group activities! In 2022, we grew to 41 active local groups that can be seen on our website.

Speaking of which - we finally took the plunge and have committed to a complete website redesign that just kicked off. Fingers crossed we'll have a shiny new punchy website to house our growing resources in the first half of the new year.

In order to better support this growing network, we've decided to set up a few national  coordinator positions. Position descriptions are already in the works and due to be posted on that shiny new website early next year!

Policy and civic engagement is key to achieving climate justice. Policy developed and implemented by legislators has real and tangible impacts on our communities every day. With the recent launch of FFF US Politics, we'll be committing an arm of the movement explicitly to expanding into that space.

FFF US is part of an international movement of climate justice advocates, and as one of the most privileged countries in that movement, we're aware of our responsibility to support the broader movement as best we can. In 2022, we started an FFF-internal International Mutual Aid project and will keep working out the kinks in 2023.

We're excited to hit the ground running in 2023 and are grateful to have you by our side. Thank you so much to everyone enabling our movement to grow! 
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