Open Collective
Open Collective
Hello and thank you!
Published on June 21, 2022 by Funds Y’All Mutual Aid Philly

Hello all! Thank you for reading and for contributing!!! As of today we have purchased 2 air conditioners and are waiting for confirmation from a third recipient. Two families are in West Philly and one is in South New Jersey! We've also delivered one used AC to a family in SJ and have a planned delivery to another West Philly recipient on Thursday. You may notice we haven't taken out any funds yet--that's because we already had some left over on our venmo from the space heater fundraiser we did in the winter. We used that for the first two purchases, but now we are done with those funds. We will use the funds we've collected on here for the next few acs we purchase! There are several people on our list that we are reaching out to this week (at least two want a new one as opposed to a used one (everyone has a choice of new or used)), so we will be using these funds shortly and hope to collect more!

THANK YOU!! Check our ig for more updates! Remember mutual aid only works if we work together, and we appreciate our community supporting us and our neighbors!!!
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