Open Collective
Open Collective
A deep bow. You helped kick this of
Published on April 28, 2021 by Freij Coaching & Consultancy

Dear contributors,

Yes, we did launch in March. And we are ever so grateful for your responses.
The first nurturing is getting in. One of the things we are achieving is that some fixed costs are now carried by your funding.
We are now getting ready for our next push. Getting more Gaians onboard and we will extend our invitation to non-Gaians as well next month. And in May we will start reaching out for Guardians. Who are potential Guardians?
For us, Guardians are people who have led a great life and are now looking for possibilities to 'Give Back'. Give Back, because they want a good Earth for their children and grandchildren. Guardians can also be people who want to 'Pay Forward'. They know a New Earth is possible. They want to be part of it and therefore they invest in Gaianet. By investing in Gaianet they have the first hand experience of everything we know and are discovering.

If you potential Guardians, please let us know.
Soon we will share our Guardian pitch we are currently developping.

In Love and Appreciation,

Dhyan de Bruijn
on behalf of the Abundance Circel