Open Collective
Open Collective
Introducing the GDevelop Community Collective
Published on January 11, 2024 by arthuro555

Hello everyone!

Today we are happy to announce the start of the GDevelop Community Collective!
We're a project that collect donations for supporting and funding community initiatives of all kinds:
  • Extensions & Templates
  • Courses & Tutorials
  • Documentation
  • GDevelop Code Contributions
  • GDevelop Games
  • Etc!

Community creators can get a project crowdfunding page to allow everyone to support them, and the collective will strive to support them financially using donated money and connections to the GDevelop team.

Community members can either donate to specific projects, or to the community as a whole to support all kinds of community projects!

Money of the collective will be invested into active crowdfunded projects hosted by the collective, and may also be given as a one-time grant to developers of the community upon contributing a big, valuable, FOSS project to the GDevelop Community.

Why you can trust us:
  • We're operated by trusted members of the community and the GDevelop team (arthuro555 and 4ian)
  • All of our finances are fully open: anyone can see all transfers, in and out!
  • We're fiscally hosted by US and EU approved non-profit OCE: all the funds are used for projects and not for the benefit of someone part of the organization.
  • We operate strictly under open and clearly defined rules. You can read them, and comment any disagreement over the rules over here.

Our values:
We strive to empower all game creators. As such, we will prioritize projects that directly helps everyone with creating better games, or creating them more easily: we will prioritize projects such as extensions, templates, GDevelop code contributions, etc. We also strive to help individual developers by helping with crowdfunding games, albeit to a lesser extent.

As we strive to make game development accessible to everyone, we will not tolerate any discrimination or hate speech. We will not support community projects that intend to or whose creators intend to sponsor in any way shape or form discrimination and hate speech against any other group or community.

We hope we will be able to achieve great things through this community!

- The Collective Admins