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Open Collective
GeekBeacon Fest Updates
Published on April 30, 2021 by csgeek

Our Open Source conference is slowly coming together.  If you are interested in attending please register.  We'll be focusing on Open Source/Technology on the first half of the conference with the latter half talking about mental health and accessibility.   If you're interested in helping, we're always looking for more volunteers.

For our entertainment pillar, we've re-launched our GBB (GeekBeacon Broadcasting) podcast.  We're planning on a more regular schedule, but if you'd like to see the current episodes please visit us at:

Thanks to @Kankuro we've also re-launched a new website which better explains our focus as well as provides a way to easily publish and manage content.  We've chose ghost to be our platform of choice and so far are loving it.  If you'd like to support their great work, they have an open collective as well which can be found here, always looking for support financial or otherwise.