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Solus 4.5 Release Candidate 5 ISOs avaiable to backers
Published on December 30, 2023 by Tracey Clark

Solus is happy to announce that the Release Candidate 5 ISOs are available for Solus 4.5 - Resilience. An email has been sent to our backer tiers with information on how to access downloads.

If you belong to one of our tiers that should receive Release Candidate ISOs, but you have not gotten an email, check your OpenCollective profile. Make sure your email address is up to date. If it's up to date, and you're still having issues, feel free to reach out to us on our Support channel on Matrix.

We welcome your testing results and feedback. Thanks to everyone who helps make Solus reliable and easy to use. We appreciate all the generous folks who contribute with donations, testing, feedback or just a good word.

The Solus Team