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Solus MATE Transition Tool v0.3 will be made available to Beta Testers later this week
Published on January 21, 2024 by Joey Riches

As you may be aware as of the Solus 4.4 the MATE Edition was deprecated, and, of Solus 4.5 we're no longer producing a MATE Edition. For existing Solus MATE users we wish to provide a way to safety transition to another desktop environment where they'll continue to receive updates.

As such the Solus MATE Transition Tool was created in order to provide MATE users an upgrade path from MATE to either XFCE or Budgie desktop environments. This tool is still quite immature and we're looking for feedback and testing of it before rolling it out to all existing MATE installs.

We plan to make available v0.3 of the tool available to Beta Testers later this week.