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Release 0.8.0
Published on November 20, 2022 by Michael Muré

More than 800 commits and a long long time after, git-bug v0.8.0 is now available.

Once again, this release represent a push towards making git-bug generally useful and correct. The two main improvements are a new Entity framework and write-capable WebUI.

Introduced in this version, the code handling the data model and conflict resolution has been improved to support fully p2p sharing model, and generalized into an easily reusable framework Documentation 1, Documentation 2. This is a huge step forward as it means writing new entities (configuration, pull-request, board ...) becomes nearly as simple as for a CRUD application.

This entity framework makes it easy to extend git-bug, but also to use it as a library to create brand new applications using the same techniques as git-bug.

Additionally, the underlying data model has been improved and fix earlier shortcoming. Notably, operations can now be represented in a DAG with concurrent editions across machines while still supporting proper merge conflict, instead of the enforced linear structure as before. Before, things were working OK with a star topology of git remotes (that is, a central repository) but would break down with anything more complicated. No more! The new data model also becomes fully immutable (aka append-only), which is much more conductive with cryptographic signatures and encryption.

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