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Sponsor a washing machine at Community Power Wash, Gospel Oak's new free laundrette!


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In 2023 Cooperation Town members organising at our hub in Camden told us that they struggle to cover their most basic cost of living, including running their washing machines. We immediately knew what the solution is - a  free community laundrette!

It took a lot of time and money (and a ton of bureaucracy!) to convert one of the rooms in our hub into a laundrette and now we call on our community to put the final touch in - the washing machines and dryers.

We are now looking for community legends to pay for two domestic washing machines with large capacity and three dryers. We need to raise a total of around £1200. Can you help us?

The running costs of the laundrette (detergents, electricity, cleaning) are covered for the coming year, so no one will have to pay to wash their clothes. Any extra money donated will be used to ensure we can keep the laundrette free in the long term. 
The laundrette will be managed by neighbours, as part of the Lismore Circus Neighbourhood Assembly project. 

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Everyone should have a right to hygiene & these...

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