Open Collective
Open Collective
Release v20.01.01
Published on January 1, 2020 by DisposaBoy

This release mainly focuses on under-the-hood improvements for module support.

  • The default auto-completion import mode has been changed to Kim-Porter, our solution for auto-completion and package/module going forward.

    One side-effect of this change is that unimported-packages support is less reliable but we feel this is a small drawback when compared to the much improved auto-completion support.

    We plan to remove support for switching import modes in the future, but if you would like to revert to the previous default (bearing in mind auto-completion might stop working), configure the MarGocodeCtl reducer as follows:

        ImporterMode: golang.SrcImporterWithFallback,
  • The Go/TypeCheck linter is now more complete and should be able to type-check (without failure) all packages for which auto-completion is available. This linter offers typechecking (like the gotype tool) but can work on unsaved files and while you type and is faster a full go install lint.

    To enable add the following reducer to your margo.go file:

  • Some HTTP handler snippets have been added and are offered in files that import "net/http".