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November / December updates
Published on December 12, 2022 by tobi

Hello everyone! Welcome to the extremely irregular GoToSocial newsletter!

v0.6.0 Soothing Sloth 

In November we had a very busy and exciting month, which culminated in the release of v0.6.0 Soothing Sloth last week. :) This was our biggest release so far, and included a wacky amount of fixes and new things. Thanks again to everyone who helped us by contributing code, opening issues, helping others out in the help channels, and supporting us with money and encouragement! 

If you haven't tried out the release yet, you can grab it here: 

NLnet and 2023 roadmap

We also spent a bunch of time in the last couple of weeks making a **SPREADSHEET** for the features and research we're going to do thanks to the 50k Euro funding grant we received from NLnet. 

We had to jiggle the roadmap around to make things fit on there with the budget we have. We'll release an updated version of that roadmap soon(tm) so you can see what we've got planned for 2023! 

GtS is becoming A Thing 

This last month also saw a big rise in the amount of attention that GoToSocial has been getting from people. We went from about 800 stars on our Github repo to almost 2,000 stars. 

The amount of GoToSocial servers deployed in the wild also increased hugely the last month, as you can see from the graph below (source 

Image description: A graph of GoToSocial servers online per month. In the last two months, the amount of deployed servers has spiked from 150 to about 500, creating a sharp incline in the graph. 

This has been cool, but also a little overwhelming! Which leads to our next point... 

We're taking a little holiday

From 19 December to 02 January, we're going to be closing shop. What this means: 

- We'll make the Github repository read-only for those two weeks so no new issues or PRs can be opened (except by the core team, if they're suddenly possessed by a fervor to work for some reason). 

- We'll make the channels in the Matrix space read-only too, so you can still scroll through messages in the help channel, for example, but you won't be able to post anything new there. 

This will give us some time to chill out, see friends, do some knitting, play video games, and take some wintery walks. Sloths need breaks too! 


So, that's it from us! Thanks again for a wild last few months of the year, and we look forward to updating you again in 2023 :) 

-- tobi, kim, f0x & maloki 
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Posted on December 12, 2022

Thank you and happy holidays!