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GraphQL.NET v7 Release
Published on August 16, 2022 by Shane Krueger

It's here!  GraphQL.NET Server v7 has an all-new WebSocket engine, capable of supporting both graphql-ws and subscription-transports-ws connections, much better support for authentication rules and configuration, supports ASP.NET Core 2.1 on .NET Framework, has fewer dependencies, and is much easier to use and configure.  Meanwhile GraphQL.NET v7 continues to extend support for type-first code, such as now being able to automatically map CLR interfaces to GraphQL interfaces.  Field builders have new functionality and infrastructure has been improved for better support of third-party functionality.  See below links for more details:

Release notes for GraphQL.NET 7.0.0
Release notes for GraphQL.NET Server 7.0.0
Migration guide for GraphQL.NET 5.x to 7.x
Migration guide for GraphQL.NET Server 6.x to 7.x