An experimental peer-to-peer root DNS.
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An experimental peer-to-peer root DNS.


The Handshake project has received 10.2MM USD from Project Sponsors. The net proceeds are pledged to be distributed to Free and Open Source Software communities (projects, non-profits, hackerspaces).

Free and Open Source Software is an often overlooked but crucial part of the foundations of the Internet. The Handshake project, its sponsors and contributors recognize that the project would not be here today if it wasn’t for the efforts of this community.

Many contributors to the Handshake community identify with and are long-term proponents of Free and Open Source Software. Gratitude of how this community has served humanity has been a common thread throughout the entire process thus far. Handshake has benefited not only as consumers of FOSS output but also from the mentorship, knowledge and guidance we have been able to access through the FOSS communities we have been involved with over the years.

The inclusion of the pledge recipients on this page does not constitute or imply any endorsement of Handshake on the part of recipients but simply reflects our gratitude for the recipients' contributions to FOSS!