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Funding Update
Published on September 6, 2023 by Matthew Pickering

Well-Typed has recently been enlisted by the HLS developers in order to support the development and maintenance of HLS. This is the first major use of the Open Collective funding, it is being used to perform tasks such as supporting releases and upgrading the code base to new GHC versions.

Zubin has been carrying out the work on behalf of Well-Typed. He has written a more detailed update about what he has been doing so far.

Thank you to the many sponsors who have made this essential work possible through your continued support of HLS.

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Posted on September 7, 2023

Thanks for the update, Matthew and Zubin. This is great work, and I'm glad Well Typed are working on it.

The work to keep up with GHC releases seems kinda boring and thankless, so I particularly appreciate that!

I can't volunteer for this, but it would be great if someone could market this work and the Open Collective fund. The work you're doing is so important.