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What did we do?
Published on December 21, 2022 by SMillerDev

 This Year

API Project 
As reported in our update in September, we started a project to allow Homebrew users to install formulae and casks without needing to have Homebrew/homebrew-core and/or Homebrew/homebrew-cask tapped. This is intended to make brew update much faster and required less often and also to save space on the user’s machine. Our maintainer @Rylan12 has been working on that for a while now and we paid him for this from our 501c3. 
Ephemeral CI Project 
In that same update in September we reported about the Ephemeral CI Runners. Since July 18th the Intel-based CI runners are now ephemeral and the foundation has been laid for applying the same features to Apple Silicon based runners which are now used on all platforms that support virtualisation. This has been an ongoing effort by @Bo98 to improve the security of our builds and he was paid for this from our 501c6 and when our SFC money transferred we started paying him from the 501c3. 
Annual General Meeting 2022 
The AGM 2022 was online so it was mostly free, but for our voting we payed for OpaVote from our 501c6 to allow remote votes. The notes are at
  • For our longer Linux builds in CI we use VMs on Google Cloud Platform. We pay for that from our 501c6. 
  • We tried to use Twillio to receive Multifactor Authentication codes, that unfortunately did not work but required a small payment to activate. 
  • We payed for hosting of the DNS for 
We’ve been happy as project leadership committee to have many sponsors bringing in a decent amount of money to the project. Starting in December we’re sponsoring our two main supportive factors: dependencies and maintainers. We’re sponsoring them where we can through GitHub sponsors since that has the easiest way to determine a relationship to the Homebrew project. 
Note that we will add dependencies we can’t currently “detect” that are 1) obvious (e.g. Debian, Linux) and 2) payable through OpenCollective/GitHub Sponsors. 
Hardware Grant 
To allow our maintainers to test software problems on new hardware we allow them to purchase hardware for Homebrew usage. Three maintainers used this option and we paid them from the 501c6. 

Next year 

Annual General Meeting 2023 
In preparation of next years AGM we have reserved a room at the Thon Hotel in Brussels and are reimbursing maintainers to allow them to visit the AGM in person. We’re requesting our maintainers to use the 501c3 organisation first to spend the money we held over from the SFC first. 
Reserving a meetingroom as a collective turned out to be quite a challenge, but with a little help from reimbursements we got there in the end. 
We’ll be expanding and re-evaluating the sponsorships over the next year. And we’re very excited to be finally be sponsoring the people who contribute to our project.