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Digging the pathway this Saturday! Also, some fun financial housekeeping.
Published on June 7, 2021 by Tj Hobbs

Hello, Hope Fridge family! 

This week, we are thankful for our friends at Diggers Hotline as they are flagging the property before we complete the digging necessary for the pathway to our first community fridge. They should be done flagging the property by Thursday. We have scheduled an event this Saturday beginning at 11am for community members like yourself to please join us as we dig the pathway, lay a layer of rocks for drainage, and place the final layer of bricks to complete the project. 

We will be finalizing the electrical work needed for the fridge during a visit from an electrician on June 18th. Perhaps we will be ready for a grand opening as early as June 20, 2021! We'll keep you updated. Please follow our Hope Fridge Facebook Page and Instagram @hopefridgefv for more regular updates.  

Please do bring work gloves and a shovel and join us for digging and rock/brick laying at 11am this Saturday at 428 Ninth Street in Neenah, WI 54956. 

Also, I have included some financial updates for the record. We initially purchased too much wood and upon consulting with Open Collective for how to best handle the return/exchange of funds for donated materials, they informed us it would be appropriate to return the wood and use those funds for other necessary supplies for the project, so that's what we did! I have included attachments of those receipts here. 

A summary of the receipts shows the returned wood covered the semi-gloss polyurethane that provided a clear coat to the wood, storage totes to provide easier organization of the pantry area, painters tape, a fridge thermometer, an electric sander and sandpaper, and paint rollers. 

The $148 return went directly back into $150 worth of supplies for Hope Fridge, and in honor of complete transparency, I wanted to make sure there was a record of that here. 

Thank you all for everything you do to make Hope Fridge a reality, from volunteering, to donating, to telling your friends about it. 

I am in awe of the kindness of every one of you. 

- Tj Hobbs, Hope Fridge