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Hope Fridge What’s Update 2023
Published on December 22, 2023 by Tj Hobbs

Happy Holidays, Hope Fridge fam!

A little recap of our year as we rest, reflect, and move with intention into 2024.

In 2023, we expanded our food donors and addressed a growing need for food in our community. We encountered challenges with social disruptions due to food insecurity and other unmet needs. Two fridge locations were paused, reducing our total to one. 

We provided opportunities for skill development, empathy, and community connection. We co-hosted Oshkosh Pride for a second year. 

We faced challenges meeting the growing demand from people experiencing housing insecurity. 

We learned about the difficulties that come with leading during times of societal crisis and the challenge of caring for ourselves while trying to help people who don’t understand our limitations. 

In 2024, we plan to focus on maintaining our current fridge and finding a new location for a fridge in Oshkosh. 

We also aim to grow our team and continue providing safe, affirming spaces and essential items for vulnerable community members.

Thank you to everyone for another incredible year of loving and helping each other!

We appreciate you!