Open Collective
Open Collective
Our first ever Hope Fridge is open and thriving, thanks to you!
Published on July 2, 2021 by Tj Hobbs

We did it! 

It’s been nearly two weeks since our first ever Hope Fridge Grand Opening at 428 Ninth Street in Neenah on July 20, 2021, and it has also been more than two weeks of an absolute outpouring of much appreciated community love and support. 

We are working actively now to ensure that Hope Fridges continue to pop up all over the Fox Valley. Recently we secured a downtown Oshkosh Hope Fridge location, soon to be revealed!

Hope Fridge wouldn’t be thriving as it is now without every single one of you who stepped up to give what they could, including their time and their resources.

We together decide the type of world we want to live in - thank you for choosing a world in which folks in need have a place to go for food and household goods anytime regardless of their circumstances! 

Thank you for making a continual difference in the lives of countless folks in the Fox Valley, 

Tj Hobbs, Hope Fridge