Open Collective Hosts

Hosts are legal entities that collect money on behalf of open collectives so that they don't have to worry about accounting, taxes, etc. Some also provide extra services.
Open Source Collective 501(c)(6)
Non-profit serving to fiscally host to open source Collectives and promote a sustainable …
Open Collective Europe ASBL
Brussels based non profit to host open collectives across Europe
Open Collective Brussels
Helping you create your sustainable citizen project in a transparent way
Women Who Code 501c3
US based non profit to host Women Who Code networks around the world.
Open Collective Foundation 501(c)(3)
Fiscal host organization for US-based Collectives with a charitable mission
Open Collective UK
London based CIC to host open collectives across the UK
Open Collective Paris
Faciliter l'initiative citoyenne en proposant un outil de gestion transparent pour …
EMCC France
WordPress Foundation (Host)
The WordPress Foundation is a charitable organization founded by Matt Mullenweg …
NetSquared, a program of TechSoup
A global network of #Tech4Good meetups
Impulsamos la cultura hacker, el conocimiento y la creación colaborativa.
Midwest Open Source Alliance
Midwest Open Source Alliance promotes the education, support and development of …
Operation Code
Helping veterans and military spouses learn software development, enter the tech …
Democracy Earth Host
Host for Digital Democracy Collectives
Stumptown Syndicate
Our mission is to cultivate a resilient and sustainable ecosystem of diverse and …
ChangeX Organization
Our strategy is to make it easier for people to create communities they love by …
The .NET Foundation
The .
Solving Problems the Open Source Way
La Transition est un mouvement de citoyens qui se rassemblent pour réimaginer et …
Platform 6 Development Co-operative
A platform co-op crowdsourcing innovation, funding and expertise to grow the cooperative …