Open Collective
Open Collective
Program Announcement & Update
Published on July 26, 2022 by Zain

Hello Houston Regenerative Holistic Health Fund Community,

We are excited to announce the official relaunch of our Soul Smiles for Good project! This program's mission is to deliver philanthropic holistic dental care, education, and supplies for those in need. We're envisioning forming three primary network partnerships to make this mission a success and have began the process of reaching out to potentially aligned partners. Below are status updates and list of partners we have began attempting to unify with:

Healing Philanthropists
comprised of individual contributors, social enterprises, family foundations, and private visionary donors covering treatment costs so 100% of donations fund holistic dental care.

Status Update: July 26 2022
Pending Partners:
  • Open Collective Community
  • Local Houston Businesses & Nonprofits
  • Local Mutual Aid Groups
  • Local Family Offices
  • Adore Dentistry's Health Community
Healing Humanitarian Organizations
comprised of nonprofits nurturing the underserved communities such as human trafficking, homelessness, poverty, hunger, disabilities, etc. Members of these communities are those in need who are screened and qualified to receive philanthropic holistic dental care.

Status Update: July 26 2022
Pending Partners for Human Trafficking: 
  • Unbound Now Houston
  • Free the Captives Houston
  • United Against Human Trafficking
  • Redeemed
  • Elijah Rising
  • The Landing
Healing Dental Healthcare Providers
comprised of mission-driven, holistic, and biological dental practices and practitioners providing the healing health services to those in need.

Status Update: July 26 2022
Official Partners:
  • Adore Dentistry
Pending Partners: 
  • Local Holistic & Biological Practitioners & Practices  
Please stay tuned in to be in the know for any updates about the progress of our healing partnerships and also when we'll officially begin servicing patients <3

In Love, Service, and Reverence,