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Borderless Magazine shines a light on community led efforts in Chicago / La revista Borderless habla con nosotros
Published on May 21, 2023 by HPSN

The end of an official public health emergency doesn't mean there is less need in our communities. Borderless Magazine investigates what's happening on the ground in Chicago and took the opportunity to speak with Nick Hernandez, one of our main volunteers. 

But more than three years since COVID-19 began, community-led groups like the Humboldt Park Solidarity Network are facing increasing challenges, including the rising cost of goods due to inflation and fewer donations compounded by the end of pandemic relief assistance, while attempting to manage a greater need for help from their neighbors.

Read the article "As Public Health Emergency Ends, Community Resource Groups Work to Fill the Gap" at

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Next month, the store will have been running for 2 incredible years, after springing into life Spring 2020. In that time, we've met so many neighbors and volunteers. We plan to stay and hope to continue making more connections within our community. As Nick said in the article, “When you come in here, we’re going to help you as best as we can, however we can"

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