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Money donated to this tier will be used for the production of future issues of the Parametric Press. Thank you for your support!

Any money donated will go directly to pay the authors and editors of future Parametric Press issues. We run entirely on donations and are a very bare bones operation. Our goal is to publish one issue per year. Each issues costs between $5,000-$10,000 to produce.

We believe in quality over quantity, and do our best to be an exemplary digital publisher. So far we've published two issues:
Issue 01:
Issue 02:

What is the relationship between Idyll and the Parametric Press?

Idyll is an open source tool for interactive writing that started as a research project at the University of Washington as part of Matthew Conlen's Ph.D. thesis. To support the project beyond the research lab we formed the Idyll open source collective, a distributed organization that maintains Idyll the open source tool. 

The Parametric Press is an independent project that was built using Idyll, the open source tool. By publishing the Parametric Press through the Idyll open source collective, we are able to take advantage of the existing infrastructure for collecting money from sponsors and distributing it to authors and other contributors. 

What are your costs?

Our primary cost is paying authors. We pay between $500 and $1000 per article. To this point the editors have worked on the  project without getting paid, but we would like to be able to compensate them in the future. Our costs for hosting and other similar expenses are less than $500 per year.


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