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Open Collective
2021 Recap
Published on December 21, 2021 by Miles Z. Sterrett

Well, 2021 was, in some ways, a rougher one than 2020. In 2020, we spent energy to keep Indy.rb going virtually as similar as possible to our previous in-person events. We spent that energy in almost desperately frantic kind of way, and 2021 saw that energy spent and very slow to regenerate. In the fall, we began getting together in person outdoors in a more casual, bar-meet sorta way. That began to rekindle some of that energy. 

I hope to take the funds we have available to us and spend them relatively lavishly in 2022 to make sure we can bring that energy level all the way back to pre-pandemic levels. I'd like to see us alternate between experts giving presentations on Zoom and in person bar meets with the first round covered. 

Ruby, and Ruby on Rails, are in a great place—and the recent release of Rails 7 should be fuel to a great 2022 for the overall community, including Indy.rb.