Open Collective
Open Collective
Urgent: Help Save
Published on May 23, 2023 by Mathijs de Bruin

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Since 2016, has been dedicated to providing neutral, privacy-friendly, open-source search for the Web3 community. However, today we find ourselves in a dire situation.

We stand at a critical crossroads. Financial challenges are threatening our ability to continue to operate, risking imminent hibernation of our public services. Without additional funding, we will need to shut down our public APIs in the coming weeks. As of now, site search is already suspended.
Our journey has always been fueled by the vision of a truly democratized internet, where information is accessible to all, uninfluenced by political or commercial interests. We see this hurdle not as the end of our journey but a challenging bend in the road.

To navigate through this, we need your help. If you believe in the mission of and the crucial role we play in the IPFS ecosystem, please consider supporting us.

Share our situation within your community and consider making a contribution on our OpenCollective. Every little bit helps and brings us closer to weathering this storm.

We are committed to transparency and will continue to share updates here and on Mastodon and Twitter. We are always open to your questions and suggestions, so feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering support.

The Team
Mathijs de Bruin
Frido Emans
Aad Versteeden