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Hi! This is the ISPCWA open collective.

We are on a mission to connect and provide opportunities for the Italian Scholars and Professionals in Perth.

This collective is currently under review by the host (Open Source Collective)

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What is ISPC-WA?

ISPC-WA is a progressive not-for-profit association aimed at connecting and providing opportunities for the Italian Scholars and Professionals in Perth.

The ISPC-WA Committee is very grateful for the generosity of our supporters

As a not-for-profit association, ISPC-WA has one goal in mind - to provide regular, valuable networking opportunities for Italian Scholars and professionals in Perth wishing to build and maintain a real network. However, we cannot do this without the support of our event partners:

-IAWCC: "The Italo-Australian Welfare & Cultural Centre Inc (IAWCC) has been a peak Organisation in the Italian Community since its inception in 1956, and over the years it has helped many thousands of people through its charitable fundraising events and through the many educational, welfare and cultural programmes and social activities which are offered for the benefit of both the Italian and Australian Communities."



This is possible thanks to all these people and organizations who contribute their time and/or money to support this collective. Contribute too!